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Grease Drain Line Cleaning

Do you need professional Savannah grease drain line cleaning services for your business? Call Rooter Man Plumbers (912) 421-1576 for speedy, reliable service today.

When you depend on our expert services you never need to worry about foul odors, clogged drain lines, or expensive sewer back-ups in your restaurant, food processor, or industrial site again! Click here to see how you can save on your next service call by using one of our many online coupons.

One of the most common causes of drains backing up is a poorly maintained grease trap system. At Rooter Man plumbers, we’ll not only empty the grease trap body, but we will also examine and clean the inlet and outlet pipes as required, and make you aware of any potential issues or problems which may be affecting your drain system. See how we’ve helped other customers keep their grease drain lines flowing by visiting our reviews page.


What is a Grease Interceptor?

A grease interceptor is a receptacle which is located between the drain lines and sewer lines, which separates and collects fats, oils, and greases from your wastewater which keeps harmful clog-causing debris and buildup out of the drain lines and the municipal sewer system.

An interceptor slows down the water coming from the drains, which allows the debris and waste to cool as it passes over a series of separators, which are designed to separate grease and oil from regular wastewater. As it cools, the oils and grease rise to the top of the interceptor, allowing the water to flow into the sewer system.

However, over time if the buildup isn’t collected it can become more likely that contaminants will flow down the drain, leading to issues such as blockages and backups, which require the lines to augered and flushed using a high-pressure water-based cleaning step called hydrojetting.

What is Hydrojetting?

Hydrojetting is a professional cleaning service which works by pumping water at 4,000 psi into the clogged area, scraping away years of caked-on grease and debris.

This professional service is recommended in extreme cases where plungers and plumbers’ snakes simply can’t cut through the grease, or in cases where frequent and recurring clogs are a problem. For example, many restaurants schedule regular hydrojetting services to make sure that grease doesn’t accumulate too quickly and become problematic.

Ongoing Service to Help Serve You

At Rooter Man Plumbers, we know that it’s all too easy to forget to have your grease drain line cleaned until a clog or build-up becomes too large to ignore, which is why we’re dedicated to offering you regular cleanings and follow-ups on our services, so we can help you maintain your drain line and alert you to any possible issues which may arise.

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