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Plumber Savannah, GA

Expert Savannah plumbing and water service is just a phone call away. Call (912) 236-3333 today and we will set up an appointment right away. You can find our current online coupons when you click here.

Plumber Savannah, GA

As the oldest city in the state of Georgia, Savannah has seen its share of plumbing issues and will continue to see them into the future. The key is to have access to a reputable plumbing service that is equipped to handle any size of plumbing project, at any time of day. We offer the highest quality plumbing services and customer service that is in line with what all southerners expect from a service provider. Friendly, open communication, respect for your property and honest pricing are what we provide with every job.

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Got Hard Water? Here’s the Solution!

Hard water, or household water that has a high amount of dissolved magnesium and calcium in it, isn’t dangerous but it can produce some annoying side effects inside your house. When you have hard water, a white residue known as limescale forms on your sinks, appliances and fixtures. You may also notice that soap and shampoo don’t lather as well as they should, making for dry or dull looking hair. If you get a whole-house water softening system installed in your home, you won’t have to worry about any of the effects of hard water, because the offending minerals will be removed.

How to Prevent Garbage Disposal Breakdowns

If you have become accustomed to having a garbage disposal in your kitchen, it is likely a valued tool in keeping the kitchen running smoothly. Breakdowns can’t always be predicted, but having regular maintenance performed on your disposal will help keep it running well. Just speak with your plumber about setting up a maintenance schedule, so you won’t have to worry about any parts wearing down, and both the plumbing and electrical elements of the disposal will be efficient all year long.

More Plumbing Services in Savannah, GA:

  •         Repiping
  •         Garbage Disposals
  •         Water Softeners
  •         Water Filtration Systems
  •         Bathroom Remodeling
  •         Toilet Repair & Installation
  •         Backflow Testing & Certification
  •         Sump Pumps
  •         Slab Leak Repair
  •         Emergency Plumbing
  •         Water Leak Detection
  •         Gas Line Repair & Installation
  •         Boiler Installation & Repair
  •         Hydrojetting
  •         Burst Pipe Repair
  •         Commercial Plumbing
  •         Water Heaters
  •         Tankless Water Heaters
  •         Drain Cleaning
  •         Faucets, Fixtures & Sinks
  •         Showers & Tubs
  •         Sewer Camera Inspection
  •         Sewer Line Repair & Replacement
  •         Trenchless Services

Save yourself a great deal of time and expense by calling for expert plumbing service in Savannah, GA as soon as you need it. Call Rooter-Man at (912) 236-3333 and we will send a licensed plumber get the process started.