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Repiping Savannah GA


Repiping means removing all the old piping from your home or business and replacing it with new plumbing. If you are experiencing plumbing issues that seem to be recurring, repiping may be the answer.

Some Signs That It May Be Time To Repipe

● Loss of water pressure
● Washing machine requires more time to fill
● Water tastes bitter
● Water has a strange colour

If you answered yes to any of the above you may have galvanized pipes. Properties older than 30 years old will often contain galvanized piping that may have corroded causing pinhole leaks, or that bitter taste in your water.

Copper Repiping

Copper piping lasts well over 100 years! Copper is lead-free, and actually stops the growth of bacteria. Copper piping is a great choice if you want a long term plumbing solution with brand new pipes.
With copper repiping will give you faster flowing water and add value of your home. People love the durability and long life of copper.
Copper repiping is usually a complete, whole home replacement and leaving some old pipe intact would defeat the purpose. Copper repiping can take some time to complete. Your friendly Rooter Man plumber will advise you if copper is right for your home or business.

PEX Repiping

PEX is an acronym for PolyEthylene that is cross-linked (X). PEX is a durable, flexible, high-density plastic that require fewer fittings and takes less labor to install. PEX is therefore somewhat cheaper than copper.

PEX is manufactured without glues or chemicals and can be installed by our licensed plumbers without using lead or high heat tools. PEX Pipes are flexible too, which means they can be installed incredibly easily and with fewer joints. PEX can also turn corners traditional copper can’t.

PEX can also reduce rushing water noise and reduce the chance for leaks due to the lower amount of fittings it takes to complete the system. Unlike other pipes, PEX piping does not corrode and no minerals can build up on the inside so your water stays clean and safe. For our beautiful Savannah region it is good to know that PEX tubing also has a small environmental impact (from manufacture to installation) compared with other plumbing materials. Laboratory testing has also shown that PEX pipes should last up to 200 years.

If it’s copper or PEX repiping you need in Savannah, GA Rooter Man is the premier provider of plumbing and repiping services in the region. Call the team at (912) 236-3333 today and let’s lay some pipe.