Septic Pumping


RooterMan Plumbers is the area’s premier Septic Tank Pumping company.  With over 40 years of combined experience in septic tank pumping we have the knowledge and equipment to handle your needs.

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It is important to keep perform routine maintenance on your septic tank to keep your septic system working properly.  The EPA suggest that your tank be pumped every three to five years.  Your suggested pumping interval depends on the size of your tank, the number of people in you household and how you treat your plumbing system.  Our trained technician will teach you the proper way to maintain your system.septic pumping savannah ga

There are all sorts of bacteria in your septic tank.  Just like your digestive system there is a good bacteria that needs to be fed and protected in your septic tank.  This bacteria breaks down organic solids and helps to separate them from the liquid in your tank.  The liquid then travels to a portion of your septic system called the drain or leach field field.  The water drains or leaches into the ground.  The soil below the drain lines filter effluent as it passes through the pore spaces. Chemical and biological processes treat the effluent as it percolates down through the soil. The treatment process cleans the effluent before it reaches the groundwater. This works best when the soil is somewhat dry, permeable, contains adequate amounts of oxygen and there is enough soil depth to complete the cleaning process.

Keeping your septic tank maintained insures that this process works properly for years to come.  Without maintaining your
septic tank you can cut the expected life of your septic system down and create environmentally hazardous conditions.

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septic pumping savannah ga