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Shower + Tubs

Get the bathroom you deserve with Savannah shower and tub Installation and repair. Our courteous people are waiting for your call at (912) 236-3333 . Online specials and coupons? Click here.

Shower + Tubs Savannah GA


Does your bathtub and shower need some attention? Your bathroom is a sanctuary and the shower and bath are the largest units in the room. Let Savannah Rooter Man make them shine as the center pieces of the room.

You’re Remodeling? Don’t Forget The Pipes!

Anything worth doing, is worth doing right the first time. In plumbing that means from the ground up. Begin with the pipes and you’ll lay the groundwork for a successful project. If it’s a total remodel, how do you want the fixtures organized?
Freshen Your Space With New Fixtures Or Repair Your Old Ones

We want your new bathroom or shower to be a place of relaxation and calm. We also want you to be wowed when you see the final results. Savannah Rooter Man shower and tub installation and repair can help you choose newer, more modern fixtures that will last a lifetime. A little money on a decent fixture/tub/shower unit now will save thousands of dollars in repairs down the road. We can also replace any and all parts of any kitchen sink, bathroom sink, bathtub or shower.

Faucet Repair

Faucets dispense water at whatever temperature you set, so they are an important part of your home’s plumbing system. Faucets are designed to contain water under great pressure until the faucet is turned on. Older faucets can wear out because of this immense pressure and start to leak. At Savannah Rooter Man plumbing we can repair all faucets: compression, cartridge or disk and ball. If it dispenses water – we can fix it.

Need A New Tub Or Shower?

Most tubs are set in an alcove or corner, sealed in by flooring and wall finishes. If you’re ready for a full-scale bathroom remodel, replacing the tub and shower makes sense. If you have a cracked tub, regular maintenance and repair may be a short term fix but when it comes to tubs, a new unit is always preferable to repair.

Today’s Showers Are Different!

Today’s bathrooms are high tech places and there are so many shower and tub options to choose from. At Savannah Rooter Man we can install and fix anything from spa jet shower heads to elaborate steam systems. Our shower and tub services also cover:

● Water saving hardware installation
● Water pressure problems
● Faucet repair/replacement
● Shower head repair and replacement
● Leaky pipes and fixtures
● Clogged drains
● Water pipe relocation

Your bathroom should be a pristine place of relaxation and calm. Savannah, GA Rooter Man Savannah shower and tub Installation and repair master plumbers can help you achieve your dream sanctuary. Call (912) 236-3333 to get started.