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Water Softener Installation

Water softeners protect your pipes from the ravages of hard water. Call our Savannah, water softener installation and repair plumbers at (912) 236-3333 . Check out our online specials and coupons by clicking here.

Water Softeners Savannah GA


How Do Water Softeners Work?

Most water softeners operate on an “ion exchange” system. The hardness that can cause build up in your pipes is actually caused by calcium and magnesium. Exchanging these elements for sodium (salt) or potassium ions takes place within the resin tank of the water softener. This trading of elements delivers a higher salt content water that is much easier on pipes, appliances and your skin.

Limescale And Soap Scum

Hard water can cause a buildup of limescale, which can really mess with your pipes. Hard water clogs pipes and slows down water flow. A good water softener will eliminate this problem and keep pipes free from obstruction.
You may also feel a pleasant slippery feeling when using soap with soft water, this is normal and actually prevents soap scum from forming on tub and shower surfaces.

What Will A Water Softener System Do For Me?

A Rooter Man installed water softener will deliver better-tasting water that is crystal clear. A water softener will also make cleaning easier. You’ll find that your dishes and glasses will sparkle and your laundry will come out softer and hold its color longer. Your skin will also stay moist and supple. Hard water deposits in appliances puts a lot of strain on them to operate as well, your energy bill will be lower with a Rooter Man installed water softener system.

Can I Drink The Water From My Softener?

You should not drink the water from your water softener. Softened water has high levels of sodium which could lead to health problems. Softened water is really for bathing and laundry.

How Do I Bypass The Water Softener?

Call a Savannah Rooter Man plumber. We can assist you in setting up a bypass system for you drinking and cooking water.
What Does Water Softener Installation Involve?

A trained professional must install your water softener. You are responsible for adding salt when needed and setting hardness levels. Your Savannah plumber will go through the details with you – step by step – and we’ll even help you choose the water softener that is right for you and your family. There are so many softeners on the market and it can be daunting to have to choose. We’re with you all the way and we’ll get you the right size and type you need.

Savannah, GA plumbing technicians can install (and keep) your water softener operating at optimum levels. Call (912) 236-3333 for an expert’s analysis and a professional’s touch.